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Are you claiming the maximum fuel tax credits?
Put your hand up if you are only claiming the 16.5 cent per litre fuel tax credits on heavy vehicles.
Claim up to 42.3 cents per litre for approved vehicles and activities.
Submit retrospective claims to the ATO going back 4 years. This could amount to thousands of dollars!
Automated go-forward solution to provide accurate monthly reports and reduce the burden of the fuel tax credit claim process during BAS time.
Over $150 million of refunds have been recovered for more than 500 businesses.
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The major areas of under-claim are in the transport sector; fuel used in both “light” and “heavy” vehicles.
Experience from over 900 entities claiming fuel tax credits
2,500 common ‘off-road’ locations already mapped
Non-public toll roads mapped anticipating success in court
Detailed database that is unrivalled in Australia
Vehicle and auxiliary equipment insights
Retrospective and go-forward opportunities

Download and complete the checklist. This will give you an idea of what you may have missed in your historical fuel tax credit claims.
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We will get one of our fuel tax credit experts to assess your situation.
We will collect the necessary data to feed into the Fuel Tax Credit system.
If you have under-claimed your fuel tax credits for the last four years, our tax experts will help you recover the unclaimed rebates from the ATO.
How does it work?
Your GPS and engine management data is processed through a sophisticated and intuitive mapping solution. These facts are matched to a database that includes a wide range of data relevant to fuel tax credits. It includes data on fuel consumption in all major vehicle types; all auxiliary equipment types; typical ‘off-road’ locations used such as distribution centres; and non-public road locations such as private roads and things like rest areas off the highways. It combines idle time data with journey time data with fuel consumption data to fully test what is 'fair and reasonable' for your facts.
Claiming Fuel Tax Credits Is Often Overlooked Because The Process Can Be So Complicated!

Our automated solution takes your existing fuel tax claims to a new level of detail, which means unlocking additional refunds you could have missed.

What is "off public roads"?
Off public roads includes private roads, work sites (e.g. quarries, construction & mine sites), depots, rest areas & agricultural properties etc. These are the areas where you can claim back the maximum fuel tax credits.
I already have GPS tracking in my vehicles. Can I still use your services?
Yes you sure can. This solution is stand alone to our GPS tracking and telematics products. Our tax partners will liaise with your current GPS providers to get the necessary data.
How much does it cost?
This service is provided on a contingent fee basis. What does that mean you ask? If our tax partners can’t get you a refund, you won’t pay. Fees for this service are taken from the refund from the ATO.
What is a retrospective claim?
The ATO allows businesses to go back up to four years to obtain refunds. With our assistance, you will have an opportunity to submit a retrospective claim for off road and auxiliary fuel use. You haven't missed the boat!
What is auxiliary equipment?
Equipment and mechanisms unrelated to a vehicle’s travel along public roads. E.g. the mixing barrel of concrete trucks, garbage bin lifters/compactors, refrigeration units, air-conditioning of a commercial bus or coach etc.